Both students and parents agree that Bill Spooner's Coaching Academy gives results.

You can read through some of the glowing reviews we have received over the years below. To discover how your child can benefit from our outstanding Cairns tutoring services, don't hesitate to contact us today.

You guys are my gods.
— Luke aged 15

When Bill explains things to me, I understand and it makes it easy.
— Cassie aged 15

Thank you. Because of Bill Spooner's Coaching Academy, I was able to get into the navy. I now have a fantastic life.
— Clay

I am telling all my friends about the wonderful things that you have done for my daughter. She is confident and way ahead at school.
— Rita

My son would not read. After your reading program he is a new boy. Now he is doing study skills and comes home on a high.
— Lyle

I think it's the way that you motivate and inspire kids that makes the difference.
— Sue

My children are still talking about your motivational course. When is the next one?
— Denise

I just love long division!
— Colin aged 11

Bill, you have not given me enough maths homework. I want more.
— Nicole year 6

Relax, it's cool here.
— Henry, year 9 to a new student

I'm almost the smartest kid in my maths class, Bill.
— Annette

Glad that we found your place.
— Ross and Katrina (parents)

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